Among Bardo’s many restless phantoms are two who most closely resemble the story’s protagonists: hans vollman and roger bevins iii. (Saunders does not typeset the names of the ghost characters with capital letters, as if in the afterlife one is no longer afforded the basic dignity of being considered a proper noun.) When the ghost of the young willie lincoln appears in their domain referred to most often as “the premises” (the “bardo” of the book’s title refers to the Tibetan Buddhist concept of a transitional or “in between” state) vollman, bevins, and their sometimes colleague, the reverend everly thomas, attempt to liberate the boy’s spirit from his condition of eternal in betweenness. To do this, they must deliver the boy’s ghost to Lincoln himself, uniting the boy’s spectral death form with his father’s physical body, as a way of easing his grief..

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