high quality hermes replica Officials have specifically looked to cities around the country, including New York, for additional housing resources.Syracuse is one of the few cities that have passed initial screenings that determine if a city is suitable for the task.”As a city with a rich immigrant tradition, we feel strongly these children should be welcomed and protected,” Miner said in the letter to the president. “Toward that end, Syracuse would welcome the opportunity to provide shelter while the larger global issues causing them to leave home for such an arduous journey are resolved.”But many local governments have been forced to distance themselves from such proposals due to mounting opposition from residents, Slate reports.Nisha Agarwal, New York’s commissioner of immigrant affairs, is leading a recently created task force spearheading the city’s efforts to aiding incoming minors.When asked about Senator John McCain’s (R Arizona) recent push to transfer children back by “plane loads” to their countries of origin in order to quell the surge, Agarwal said such suggestions would not fix the crisis.”My reaction to this whole situation is that these are children and they are the victims here,” Agarwal said during an appearance on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Tuesday. “And I hear things like that and I really see it as blaming the victim. high quality hermes replica

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