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Since crop insurance is a federally subsidized program, if the levee protected fields are ever inundated, much of the cost would be born by taxpayers. “When they do have a catastrophic flood, it’s going to be a big loss,” says Murry. “It’s going to be huge.

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canada goose outlet in usa He just using post modernism to make it seem like it some big calculated communist conspiracy. He made up a connection in his mind because he wants to believe it some big bad evil, it just red scare 2.0 “[Post modernism] is the new skin that the old Marxism now inhabits.”He just fear mongering constantly “And so since the 1970s, official canada goose outlet under the guise of postmodernism, we’ve seen the rapid expansion of identity politics throughout the universities.” Universities have always been stereotypically left wing it not some communist conspiracy to regain a foothold.I don even like a lot of that bullshit the ucd lad was saying that you linked. I think it a load of bollocks and the rare case where it seems like legitimate virtue signalling.But I think JBP makes canada goose outlet mall a lot of faulty connections to create an archetypal big baddie, it makes him feel good and is very beneficial for him.This is a personal theory but I can see how he made this bad postmodernist agenda He loves to talk about the concept of Myth as archetypical stories (I assuming you listened to his talk about the Bible). canada goose outlet in usa

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