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Timothy Brown, an American living in Berlin, tested positive for HIV in 1995. He started ART and lived with the virus. Eleven years later, Brown faced another health crisis. Start with the tree, or your mantle. Enlist the support of your family and friends. By including your children in the holiday preparations, you’ll give yourself a break and ensure that they carry on favorite family traditions for years to come.

Roshedha Begum was among those who were finally persuaded and moved to the Camp 4 Extension. She moved into her shelter earlier this month, but says she doesn’t like being on the outer edge of this mega camp. She says it’s a long walk now to get to the mosque or the health clinic.

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It’s not just children who hurt other children at school. Violence can come at the hands of teachers. On Sept. Lately, there’s been much ado about clutter. There’s too much of it; it’s everywhere! Our closets are cluttered, our newsfeeds our cluttered, our schedules are cluttered. Our dating lives are cluttered, too.

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Want it badly enough, be determined, and learn and work hard

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