Cash is simple. This is the money you have in navigate to this web-site your bank right now, as well as any funds you might have in a money market fund. Stocks are well known, and include any you have in a 401(k) or IRA account, plus any you own individually. The Creation of the FlagBefore the flag existed, the only symbol of the LGBT+ community was a pink triangle used by Nazis during the second world war to identify gay people, much like the star of David was used to identify and persecute Jewish people at the time. While many LGBT+ people didn’t mind the design of the symbol itself, they disliked the negative connotations it brought with it, such as memories of their persecution and the injustice done to them. One such story even spoke of a man known a Pierre Steel who was forced to watch his lover being stripped naked and mauled by dogs in a Nazi concentration camp..

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