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canada goose black friday sale HRCT of the chest also provides invaluable information to the pathologist facing a surgical lung biopsy specimen because pathologists understand gross pathology better than any other specialist in medicine, and the HRCT scan is a reasonable approximation of gross pathology. canada goose coats uk HRCT provides key information that is useful to the histopathologist with a lung biopsy specimen in hand.5 In the setting of a patient who has undergone a lung biopsy, four basic patterns of radiological lung disease can be discerned: (1) increased attenuation canada goose outlet winnipeg (referred to by our radiology colleagues as “ground glass opacity” and “consolidation”); (2) reticulation with parenchymal distortion (fibrosis); (3) nodules (large or small, singular or multiple); (4) mosaic patterns and cysts. Each of these patterns helps me to interpret the lung biopsy findings (table 2).. canada goose black friday sale

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