Beekeepers cannot keep up with worldwide demand so companies just sell flavoured corn syrup and call it honey. Not sure of the numbers but it something like double the amount of honey made is being sold. There a kind of police force checking it all the time but they can check everything.

Sorry to burst any bubbles but the time to act was 40 years ago. We done fucked up for good and there ain’t no fixing it. We basically have stage 4 pancreatic cancer and anything short of completely stopping all carbon emissions and completely changing the entire energy infrastructure yesterday is basically treating it with a multivitamin..

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I was saying I would like to see the coaches listed on that graphs conversion rate in those situations. According to the graph, Dirk Koetter is the most aggressive, going for it 65% of the time. How often is he converting? If they only convert 25% of the time it doesn seem much better than let say, Caldwell only going for it 25% of the time but converting 80% of the time.

Yahoo may be a company where the parts are worth significantly more than the current whole. In the online business press, comments have been made that the company Asian properties, including Yahoo Japan and the 40 percent ownership stake in Ali Baba, are worth near or more than the current market value of the whole company. This gives the possibility that one of two choices could happen at Yahoo to boost the company value:.

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