After watching Whiplash, I could easily remember that Fletcher and Neiman were the names of the two main characters. I would forget them a month later, but when the viewing was fresh in my mind, I would know them. They characters with plenty going on, while the people in Rogue One were basically all the same default background with like one defining scene or trait.

There was no concrete outcome in terms of agreeing to a ceasefire or release of prisoners. There was no agreement on halting large scale attacks as sections of the media erroneously reported. A proposal put forward by the Afghan government for temporary ceasefire during the forthcoming Eidul Fitr festival is still on the table though it appears unlikely..

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The science is much less settled on how that will happen. We’re not even sure if the universe will come to a firm, defined end, or just slowly tail off. Our best understanding of physics suggests there are several options for the universal apocalypse.

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