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It varies year on year. This year was the first year we dropped to 2/3 major engine components per season so there wasn’t any major power differences but there was a massive step up in reliability. Mercedes mostly focused on packaging and reportedly redesigned half the engine to give them one of the narrowest rear end engine covers on the grid. Ferrari made some major gains but they weren’t enabled to start with their fancy deployment ‘tricks’.With regards to Honda they no have the largest and heaviest engine in the grid so they will most likely spend the off season focussed on packaging. They’re reportedly closer to Ferrari and Merc in peak power than they are to Renault. A couple questions I was wondering:What should I expect from canada goose parka uk the end of the season until the new season as far as news/videos/discussions?Should I expect the field to be relatively the same or is it possible the best canada goose outlet store montreal of the rest will either be competitive with the top 3 or at least more competitive within each other.The canada goose outlet pecking order may change, but the chasm between F1 and F1.5 is too great to close in a year. We could see a F1.25 open up with Renault and possibly McLaren, but in the end the big dogs are going to stay big dogs. Not enough of a substantial rule change to shake things up a lot. And F1.5 canada goose outlet in new york is very competitive! If you removed the top three teams from the results, the championship ends up super close: Hulkenberg would just clinched it with only 243 points to his name. Compare to Hamilton 383.Anything else I should look forward to please let me know, i already planning on watching Formula E and will try to watch Indycar again with Ericsson there fulltime and of course Indy 500 for Alonzo.Indycar: Can recommend it enough. Definitely the standout series for me.WEC: Also a series that I heartily recommend to a racing fan. Sure, the top canada goose jacket outlet store class is at a bit of a low point at the moment, and you will have heard LMP1 bashing here, but there is more to the race than the top class! The GT categories, with cars developed from road going cars, are almost universally the more entertaining ones. The marquee race is, of course, the 24 hours of Le Mans, and we currently in a super season, in a move to end the season at Le Mans. The next race is this weekend, and that be it until March. Check it out it 6 hours long, so there a lot of racing to watch. Oh, and join us on /r/wec.ELMS: A “baby WEC” series, canada goose outlet new york city with a similar format, and 4h races throughout a year. Their season over now, though, and the next one starts next spring. 35ish prototypes though. What bad about that? Oh, and entry to races is super cheap.IMSA: Another endurance series, but American. Most races are three hours or canada goose jacket outlet sale so, but some are much longer, and they open in January with the 24 hours of Daytona, which you might have heard of Controversially they split their top class into separate classes for their LMP2 based DPi (Daytona Prototype international) cars and the actual LMP2 cars for 2019 but the racing between the DPi should still be good. And, of course, there two GT classes to make canada goose outlet official it even more interesting. And, if you not American, you can watch the races for free, as the organiser streams them on their website, complete with commentary.Other than that, there are a few standalone events, like the Bathurst 12 hours in February (always a good watch) and the Nurburgring 24 hours in June, a week after Le Mans. I want to watch the WEC because I know Alonso does it, per your suggestion I have subbed to the wec reddit page.Any site I should look at for ELMS/IMSA information or streams?I used to be a die hard sports fan (NFL,NCAA,NBA,MLB, some NHL) but my love for that has rapidly declined and I like fast cars so watching racing just came to me as something I would enjoy even though a lot later than I would like. I finished watching all of the races people on this sub recommended a couple months ago and learned a lot about the last 10 years of F1 as well as a little bit about the past before that. I also have F1TV and have watched either the reviews of the races or the full races of most of the seasons from 2007 to present (as you may guess I like Hamilton but not opposed to any driver as it way too early for me to have drivers or teams i not a fan of)Ah yes, a good opportunity to splooge motorsport!Indycar was mental, definitely following that next year, such a diverse series and such close racing and drama (maybe too much getwellwickens). Disappointed with WEC as it has taken them way too long canada goose premium outlet to sort out BoP between the Toyotas and the privateers, we see if they sorted that out at Shanghai this weekend. ELMS smashed it this year with the shear number of LMP2s and the heroics performed in LMP3 (particularly Job Van Uitert), it a shame they have so few races in the champoinship. IMSA has been my absolute favourite series, all the crazy awesome tracks, the DPis and LMP2s duking it out, a GTLM class almost identical to that of WEC as well as a substantial GTD class with super tight racing. And of course the supreme commentary by John Hindaugh and Jeremy Shaw! WRC is peaking again with multiple title challengers, a super intense battle between Ogier and Neuville playing out this weekend at one of the most challenging arenas in WRC: Australia. Blancpain and IGTC has been pretty good, lots of top drivers, teams and circuits, commentary is also tip top with John Watson and David Addison. SuperGT has been decent as well, the championship cheapcanadagoose decided with an on track battle in the final race between Jenson Button and Nick canada goose parka outlet uk Cassidy.

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