Luego de tres aos de hacer este show, he llegado a otra conclusin: contrario a lo que todo publicista norteamericano suea, no existe una sola y monoltica identidad “latina.” Pero si creo que tenemos un alma colectiva. Como Las Dos Fridas, somos varios cuerpos con venas compartidas, a travs de las cuales corre la msica, el idioma y la cultura. Pero tambin existe una realidad menos glamorosa, menos “sexy” y menos vendible.

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Even getting everything ready for the removal can be very upsetting to the family. We always plan out our escape route and rearrange furniture so that we don’t trip over a wayward coffee table. Unfortunately, family members tend to want to keep everything in the person’s room as they left it, and I’m in there touching their stuff and moving it around, already reminding them that their loved one is no longer around to complain.

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