Michael Keaton awarded honorary doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University Video

Canada Goose Outlet I’ll get right to it. Good morning, everybody. Good morning to you. And we’re going to canada goose premium outlet begin with canada goose outlet store near me Michael Keaton. He has embodied iconic characters ranging from Mr. Mom to that guy canada goose outlet black friday beetlejuice, of course, his Oscar nominated performance in “Birdman.” This weekend, though, a new real life role. Call him Dr. Keaton. Very excited to report that Michael has received his honorary doctorate of fine arts from Karg nagin melon institute, his ALMA mater and call it one of the highest distinctions they can bestow on a person noting his canada goose outlet mall achievements in film over a 0 year career that seems to canada goose outlet 80 off just keep getting better. Resources The man is good. From the Oscar winning “Spotlight” last year, canada goose outlet store uk now coming up, the can you spider man blockbuster. He plays the bad guy and be here with us to talk about it for his villainous role. I believe he’s called vulture. We might have to call him Dr. Volcher. And he is such a nice guy. Coming up in June. Congratulations. Good deal. Oh, this story made knee canada goose outlet near me so happy. Nothing as canada goose outlet us you know that I love more than a canada goose outlet online uk good find at a flea market. This story not only fees my soul but my addiction. This funky ring purchased at a flea market that they do this London. Car boot canada goose outlet store quebec sales. People basically set up their cars and open their trunk and the boot. You put your junk in the boot. Something sounds very wrong about canada goose vest outlet that. Or junk in the trunk. There they put the junk in the boot. Right out of that trunk, all of that junk. Don’t be looking behind me, robin, anyway. So we digress, very mature that we are. So, canada goose outlet location a woman buys this ring, $13, she wore it for two decades. Totally happy with it. Wore it every day. Completely clueless. It wasn’t an over the top costume piece of kwulry. A 26 carat cushion cut antique white diamond she got for $13. Yeah, now that woman who wishes to remain unknown will get a serious return as it hit the sotheby’s auction block, we can split it expected to fetch around $450,000. A great return on your investment. Wow. I want to pack my car and head there. S that is why you? That’s why I brake for yard sales, people. Set you up. That’s right. I thought about you You saw a flea market. You didn’t go? I didn’t have time. I bet it would be very hard for you to get canada goose outlet https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com a bargain. I put a cap in my treat and wear canada goose outlet legit a cap on my head. I’m sure no one would know. A quickie I thought was funny. Did anybody check canada goose outlet online reviews out “Snl” Saturday, season finale. Very funny. Alec Baldwin has nailed goose outlet canada the comedic impression of president trump onsome and now offering lessons on how to find your inner trump but only to his 3 year old daughter Carmen. Take a look. We go like this canada goose outlet toronto factory with our hands and we say, Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Okay, everybody. Okay, everybody. Saturday. Oh. Love that. That’s funny. Alec’s canada goose outlet paypal wife elyria posted that on her feed. We’re sure it’s canada goose outlet los angeles going to be huge and helped yield the highest ratings on “Snl” canada goose jacket outlet toronto for 23 years. Congrats on another great season and that is “Pop news,” my friends. You know why we’re watching “Snl,” my nephew, Jeremiah who just graduated, he is an arc, he was an extra in the last sketch. He was in the back. Totally the last sketch. Canada Goose Outlet

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Yeah, now that woman who wishes to remain unknown will get a

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