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Canada Goose Parka How is this not experimental societal changes?You saw it rise to a majestic peak and then gradually fall into an abyss of diversity.You know, and yet you have abandoned all pretense of your duty as senior officers, logic, common sense and intestinal fortitude to placate identity groups and diversity engineers that have never spent one day in uniform, much less one second in combat. Never really saw the Army shaped by 18 years of bloody, asymmetric war and how that shaped the military.You have allowed the US military to become a social experiment; a feminized, weakened, PC force that is a shadow of its former toughness and greatness.You continue to allow the US military to become nothing more than a leftist play land, while betting everything on the hope that our armed forces will never face a real enemy like the Chinese, the Russians or the North Koreans.”real enemy” “North Koreans” “Chinese”. Spot on accuracy like always, Mr. Canada Goose Parka

After five months without a government, members of the Centre Left Social Democratic Party (SDP) have now voted to join another coalition led by Chancellor Angela Merkel. There has been no great sense of urgency in Germany. Its economy continues to grow, and its politics remain stable.

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