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Only then can they escape.”If I were Todd Howard BGS asking myself “What the most obvious thing we need to do to take Skyrim up a notch?” you immediately thinkFor example, the TES formula could really do with working ships and large scale battles. Not being able to do those things really gimps the range of what you expect possible in a world of pseudo Medieval/Classical Antiquity shit.People have complained about the scale of those battles since Oblivion ; while ships lay at dock all over the franchise. It really feels for a franchise that sells itself on “doing anything” the natural progression.Now that just my speculation, but you could def see why that franchise evolution might need be tied to a new hardware generation.Bethesda needs a second team.

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I agree that he may be in it for the money. But a lot of what he writes about in this book is truly accurate. I’m on the fence because of that. They just want the best for their kids. Having had to deal with many Chinese businesses at work over the years, my experience has not been good. Sometimes it seems they will do anything to make an extra penny.

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