Plastic mesh is often used to strengthen the pelvic wall and support internal organs in cases of prolapse. The mesh is often inserted through the vagina, using a small surgical incision. The Washington Post recently reported that as many as half of women may experience pelvic floor symptoms in their lifetime, and 200,000 undergo such operations each year..

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Sandeep Singh kaun hai? Why are you even making a film on him?” Chitrangada recalls.But her plan found resonance at Sony Pictures Networks India who co produced Soorma with her.Chitrangada wrote down the chain of events in Sandeep’s life in a story format. After director Shaad Ali came on board, he took over and wrote the screenplay.Why didn’t Chitrangada star in the film, opposite Diljit Dosanjh?”I did not fit the part,” she answers. “I’m not being idealistic about this, but it needed to be real.

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