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canada goose coats Each time we recite our vows, each time we put our palms together and bow, each time we recollect the task of attending to the breath, each time we greet others and work with one another with each moment we remake our canada goose stockists uk promises and in doing so we encounter refuge by creating space for refuge.In speaking of promise, encounter, relationality and responsiveness, I am thus not just referring to Buddhist practice when I say “refuge.” Rather, I am speaking about the basic conditions of safety which allow every “you” canada goose outlet online store and “I” and “it,” humans and nonhumans, to invite from one another and gift to one another mutual recognition, respect, care canada goose outlet houston and concern.I find refuge when I take photos and videos of my cat for my own amusement, but in the very act of doing so I am exposed to the fact this nonhuman life is wholly dependent on canada goose outlet montreal my responsiveness; that it has no choice but to let me point a camera at it and make jokes about it whilst completely trusting me for food, shelter and affection. From the first moment I encountered it as an abandoned kitten until the last time it harassed me for nibbles five minutes ago, my cat’s vulnerability invites the gifting of refuge.I find refuge when I stroll through the “ethnic” migrant suburb where I live and hear a multitude of tongues, many of which I do not speak. Yet, when the waitress canada goose outlet parka addresses me in Cantonese and I respond in Mandarin mixed with English, we have no trouble understanding one another.I find refuge when a friend shares empathic joy and tags me in a Facebook post to tell me that refuge is when they are able to dance with whomever they like and to whatever music they like, to dress however they like, and to show affection to whomever they like.I find refuge when I go on retreats and give myself over to an inexpressible yearning, that ungraspable tenderness accompanying solitude canada goose coats.

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